Plugins and other useful files

Here you will be able to find a variety of downloads for Revit plugins and other items related to Real-Time LCA

Unlock your sustainability data with PowerBI

Download4.54 MB

With our open API, you can apply your sustainability data in the applications you otherwise use for reporting and insights. Here, many use PowerBI, where you can simply start visualizing your sustainability data on the construction project in PowerBI with this template file. Download the template and use the accompanying video guide!

Transfer your building materials and quantities with Excel

Download28.78 KB

Real-Time LCA also speaks the universal language called Excel πŸ˜‰, which you can use in the early stages, when you are not designing the project in 3D or just want to supplement your material list with other quantities. Download the template, fill it out and upload it to the platform, then your quantities are in!